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New Spring Menu to your home

Fresh food everyday

Do you want fresh food everyday without leaving your home?

There is nothing easier than relaxing, and we will deliver food to your home, order a diet with us and you will see how you can save time and money.

Why do we offer daily delivery? We care about fresh food, it's so important for your immune system and health.

Do you buy a lot of unhealthy snacks while going to the store? We have healthy home-made snacks for you that you won't feel sluggish.

Fast food? Why not?! When you are on a diet with us, you can also afford it with good calories and healthy supplements.

Example of full day menu!


Boiled eggs with vegetables and rice bread makes a satisfying breakfast or any meal.

It's a balance a good quality protein, whole grain carbs, some veg, a bit of fat and is exactly how I like to start a day.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Snack 1 

Apple and cinnamon rice pudding is one of my favorite aroma with peanuts.

You'll get a healthy dose of important vitamin B-6, keeping yours nervous system strong and healthy.

Peanuts gives you vitamin E and rich minerals, magnesium , potassium, zinc, iron and selenium.


Ratatouille with feta cheese and bulgur groats. Taste of the bulgur and the tangy flavor of the roasted vegetables together to make one mouth -watering dish.

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Snack 2

Turkey burger. These flavorful burgers are given a healthy twist using lower fat turkey mince.  


Coated cod, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut salad.

People often forget how important fish is in our diet as is packed with omega-3, protein and lots of nutrients that help to benefit your health.

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