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Keto Plan

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The  purpose of Keto diet is high supply of fats with significant reduction in carbohydrates. In that type of diet you can mainly find various kind of  meat, egg, fish, oils, seeds and nuts . Major sources of carbohydrate such as grain products , legumes and most kind of fruits are excluded. It provides a feeling of satiety, causes immediate loss of unnecessary kilograms and reduces body fat. Limiting the consumption of carbohydrates with a high share of fats leads to the production of ‘the ketone bodies’, thanks to this, during the diet, we do not observe fluctuation in insulin levels and we do not feel hunger pangs. It is recommended to use the diet cyclically for a period of about 2-3 months. It is not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the pancreas, liver, kidneys and gall bladder.

Calorie portion:
1250 kcal, 1500 kcal, 2000 kcal, 2500 kcal, 3000 kcal

Number of meals a day:
4 meals is a full diet plan. This plan is available to purchase only as a full plan

Meal included in this plan:
 Breakfast     2. Snack     3. Lunch     5. Dinner 

Diet delivered to homes are available mainly to: Hull, Doncaster, Leeds, Goole, Scunthorpe and more...
Please contact us... if your location is not on the list but you live in this area.

Diet meals are delivered in the evenings between 4:00 -10:00 pm and we cannot give a fixed time. Our delivery drivers will call you before the first delivery.
Morning deliveries are only available to commercial properties and must have at least 3 persons at a single address. Please contact us... to arrange morning delivery.
Each meal day is freshly cooked and delivered daily. First delivery is Sunday evening for Monday menu and then every evening until Friday. If you order weekend, you will receive two boxes on Friday.
Please note menu days may change due to fresh ingredient availability.

4 meals plan   

from £19.00 a day

10 days - 5% OFF
20 days - 10% OFF

Our meals are made in facilities that handle allergens and we cannot guarantee there will be no traces. We are unable to cater for customers with allergies. We can try to eliminate unwanted products, but we can not guarantee that the product will be excluded. Contact us before ordering if you have any special requirements.