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Calorie Calculator

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Chose plan with calorie portion closest to your score in calorie calculator. i.e. If your goal is to lose weight and your score in calorie calculator is 1500 - 1900 calories and you want to loose wight then the best portion for you will be 1500 calories. Don't worry you won't be hungry, our food is low calorie and the portion will be enough for you.

Please note that full diet plan is 5 meals a day because the best results are if you eat more often and smaller portion to speed up your metabolism.

We do specialize in personalized plans for athletes and bodybuilders, so if you need to prepare for competition or wish to improve you effects, our professional diet plans are perfect solution for you.  Contact us to get a quote for personalized diet.

For those who have special dietary requirements we can recommend  vegetarian or vegan  diet plans. We can exclude meat, fish, dairy, gluten or any specific products from your diet so as your food fulfils exactly your restrictions or needs.