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About Sport plan 

This diet is best for physically active people who want to build lean muscles and increase sports performance, ensuring the appropriate demand of macronutrients.

Diet rich in protein sourced from lean meats, fish and dairy products.  The main source of carbs are whole grains and groats products.

The assumptions of this diet will allow you to maximise the effects of training and provide the muscles with favourable conditions for regeneration and growth.

  • 6 balanced meals a day to help you  sustain your energy levels and speed up metabolism.

  • Our meals are cooked and delivered same day for the following day to maximise the freshness and taste of food

  • You don't get bored with the food. Menu changes each day!

  • Guarantee of high quality. We use only natural & local products 

  • You don't feel hungry between the meals

Daily calorie intake:
1500 kcal, 2000 kcal, 2500 kcal, 3000 kcal, 3500 kcal, 4000 kcal

Meals in this plan:
 Breakfast     2. Snack 1     3. Lunch     4. Snack 2    5. Dinner  6. Pre-workout

Full diet price:
1500 kcal - £ 21.00 / day

2000 kcal - £ 22.00 / day
2500 kcal - £ 23.00 / day
3000 kcal - £ 24.00 / day
3500 kcal - £ 23.00 / day
4000 kcal - £24.00 / day

10 days - 5% OFF
20 days - 10% OFF

Our meals are made in facilities that handle allergens and we cannot guarantee there will be no traces. We are unable to cater for customers with allergies. We can try to eliminate unwanted products, but we can not guarantee that the product will be excluded. Contact us  before ordering if you have any special requirements.

Example of menu

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Egg paste with salad and whole wheat bread

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Oat and pear cookies

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Roasted chicken with pearl barley and beets

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Red lentil soup

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Baked salmon with sweet potatoes and salad

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Tuscan chicken with rice and sugar peas

Nutritional info

( Full plan macro nutrient ratio )


Grains, rice, potatoes, starch
vegetables, tubers, fruits


Meat, fish, seafood, dairy,
eggs, legumes, tofu


Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds,
butter, avocado

Now  10% off

when ordering from 20 days

or  5% off

when ordering from 10 days


(no coupon code needed)

Calorie Calculator

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Calories: 64 kcal

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