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Lunch Box

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What is Lunch Box? 

Lunch Box  is an ideal option for people who do not have time to prepare lunch or dinner every day, but do not want to decide on a full-day diet. The Lunch Box can also be aimed to people who want to build muscle by providing more lunch type meals throughout the day to ensure a caloric surplus.

Possibility to choose 3 or 4 lunches in one delivery. Meals can be spread over any of the days of the week eating 1 to 4 meals a day depending on your preferences. We recommend that you eat meals within a maximum of 3 days from the date of delivery to ensure they stay fresh. When ordering more lunches, you can freeze them to keep them fresh for longer.

This set is an perfect solution for your own daily eating habits and if you do not want to give up preparing your own meals or if you want to test how meal prep service works.

Lunch calories:
kcal, 600 kcal or 800 kcal in each meal

Quantity available:
Select 3 or 4 lunches in one delivery

400 kcal - £18.00
600 kcal - £19.50
800 kcal - £21.00

400 kcal - £23.00
600 kcal - £25.00
800 kcal - £27.00

5% off discount - from 10 deliveries
10% off discount - from 20 deliveries

Protein: 30%
Carbs: 60%
Fats: 10%

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Nutritional facts


Grains, rice, potatoes, starch
vegetables, tubers, fruits


Meat, fish, seafood, dairy,
eggs, legumes, tofu


Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds,
butter, avocado