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Vege plan  Full plan from £17.00 a day

A vegetarian diet completely eliminates meat, fish and seafood. The menu is rich in dairy products, eggs, legume seeds, cereal products as well as fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. A large variety of the diet and products contained in it will provide our body with the need for vitamins and minerals. Recommended for people who want to reduce weight and for those whose goal is   healthy eating . The diet is divided into 5 meals that should be eaten at regular intervals to speed up metabolism. Assumes a safe weight loss of 0.5 up to 1 kg per week which guarantees long-lasting results.

5 balanced meals a day  

Delivered to you every day  

Ready to eat hot or cold  

Lose or control  your weight  

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What is Vege plan? 

Vege plan is the most optimal diet for those who want to 
lose or maintain weight in a healthy way or learn how to eat healthy to improve wellbeing.

  1. Select diet plan

  2. Select calorie portion - Calculate here.

  3. Select number of days

  4. We do the rest

  • 5 balanced meals a day to help you  sustain your energy levels and speed up metabolism.

  • Our meals are cooked and delivered every day to maximise the freshness and taste of food

  • You don't get bored with the food. Menu changes each day!

  • Guarantee of high quality. We use only natural & local products 

  • No risk of yo-yo effect! You don't feel hungry between the meals

Options available

Calorie portions available:

1000 kcal, 1250 kcal, 1500 kcal, 2000 kcal, 2500 kcal

Meals included in plan:

1. Breakfast     2. Snack     3. Lunch     4. Evening snack     5. Dinner 

+ Price list

Full diet price:
1000 kcal - £ 17,00 / day

1250 kcal - £ 17,50  / day
1500 kcal - £ 18,00  / day
2000 kcal - £ 19,00  / day
2500 kcal - £ 20,00  / day

10 days - 5% OFF
20 days - 10% OFF

Example of menu

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Nutritional info
( Full plan macronutrient ratio )


Grains, rice, potatoes, starch
vegetables, tubers, fruits


eggs, legumes, tofu


Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds,
butter, avocado

Now  10% off

when ordering for 4 weeks min. 20 days

or  5% off

when ordering for 2 weeks min. 10 days

(no coupon code needed)

Calorie Calculator
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