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Healthy Life Planner with us

This section is designed for everybody who want to find out more about healthy tasty diet and keep an essential nutrition to enjoy active lifestyle.

The weekly menu planner is designed to help you eat healthy and make changes that work for you. 

Use our calorie calculator to select correct menu for your aim.  

The weekly menu planner offers a set of 5 meals per day to meet your needs and requirements: Sport, Balanced, Vege, Vege + Fish or Vegan.

Additionally, I can suggest some challenges during a week, for example finding new ways to be active; including more fish in your diet; or cutting out sugary drinks.

Please see the sample day of 2000-3000 calories depending on your activity level, body size, and goals.


Courgette cheesy omelette: Light, healthy and protein packed


Odoo • Text and Image

Snack 1

Raspberry protein shake: fresh and rich in vitamins
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Salmon in herbs and baked potatoes: Omega 3 and essential carbs

Odoo • Image and Text

Snack 2

Mexican salad with grapefruit and red beans: easy and so filling


Odoo • Image and Text


Seafood risotto: sauce, low healthy carb, weeknight dinner