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Why us

We are a healthy lifestyle passionates and founders of new tastes. We fight every day to raise our standards higher to surprise our clients with unforgettable dining experiences. We would like not only to deliver high quality healthy dietary meals but we have an urge to share our passion for healthy eating with you. We would like to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle and help you achieve your life goals. We want to prove you how satisfying that would be.

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Our Chef

Head Chef ‘n’ Kitchen Manager

Bartosz Luczyk

A talented head chef, self motivated, confident and committed, always following his own pathways.

He has gained his experience at many high end restaurants and diet catering companies in different countries of Europe.

An enthusiast of the art of dining, sport activities, good tastes and a healthy eating.

A certified nutritionist/ dietitian and a personal trainer. He knows how the balanced every day diet is for the physically active person who values their health.

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Our Dietician

Dietetics graduate from University of Life Sciences in Poznan. During her studies, she was a member of the Dietetians Science Group, she was taking part i many workshops and events like Educational Picnics and organising the KNB Dietary Counseling. A praticipant at ‘Bioactive foods’ research which became her chosen diploma dissertation topic.

She was organising food technology workshops for children at school and nursery age. An atendee of many training courses and dietary conferences where she was gathering her knowledge and skills.

Co-foundress of ‘Eating has a meaning’ which she organised lectures and workshops on, for children, youth and eldery.

As a healthy lifestyle fan, she decided to gain further experience and skills by extending her studies to a second degree at Poznan University of Life Sciences.

She loves setting up new challenges and working with people.