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Your little guide to your diet plan !

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With healthy meal plans delivered straight to your door, it had never been easier to take care of your health and wellbeing. We thought it would be nice to help you with some extra tips to get even more from your meal plan. Here you can find some useful information about our service, delivery and instructions of use. Enjoy!

Look at your benefits

Balanced diet
With our service you always get the right amount of calories, and proportions between macros.

Eating at regular intervals 

If you eat at regular times, you may find it easier to sustain your energy levels and speed up metabolism.

Changing your eating habits

Having your food planned and cooked for you every day, it’s easier to eliminate craving for unhealthy snacks.

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Don't forget to download mobile app

After placing your first order you'll receive email and text message with link to download Nutribot app and login details to manage your plan and access loyalty program. 

 Change your delivery address
 Move delivery for the future days
 Rate and comment your meals
 Set reminders to eat meal
 Use loyalty program to save more
 Access the history of all your orders 
and more...

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Pay less with our Loyalty Program

Shopping with Fit 'n' Tasty you receive gifts all year round! Earning points you will pay less for your orders. It's easy! Find out and start saving now!

How to store and eat your food?

Storage instructions

1. Meals are best consume on the next day, as we don't use any preservatives - it's all natural!

2. Please store your meals in a cool place, at temperatures below 5ºC. If you want to prolong freshness of your meals, freeze them to -18ºC. 

3.  If you want to save your meals for later you can do it. They are safe to consume for up to 3 days from delivery (if they are stored in the fridge).

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Meal preparation

4. Meals are ready to eat. You can eat them hot or cold. Please read a label on the packaging. 

5. Before reheating a meal in a microwave, peel off the corner of the transparent foil to prevent your food from drying out.

6. Reheat your meal in a microwave for about 2-4 minutes. Optionally use cooking pots or over to reheat your food.

 Food containers are microwavable. Take our the food from the container if reheating in oven. 

Delivery information

We will deliver your food every day on evening straight to your home or office for you to eat on the next day.

If you prefer to collect your food from the shop, please come between 4 and 6 pm. 

Meals for Saturday and Sunday are delivered on Friday.

We will appreciate if you leave us updated instructions were your food should be left, if you're not at home. You can edit delivery instructions via Nutribot mobile app or contact us.

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For best results we recommend  5-6 meals a day

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Why 5-6 meals are so important?

1. Eating often helps to control appetite. 

2. Blood sugar problems can be tackled best by eating frequently but in small quantities. 

3. Eating small frequent meals increase concentration and affect moods.

4. You gain muscle mass and at the same time reduce weight by eating small meals frequently.

Find out more:  'How to speed up your metabolism' on our blog post.

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How to lose weight effectively?

Miracles don't exist

Change of eating habits takes some time, do not wait for effects immediately.

Don't cheat on weekends

You're watching your diet Monday to Friday but can waste all your efforts if you don't pay attention on what you eat on the weekends.

Throw away a scale

Weight does not always present the current effects, you will lose weight in the effect section on the perimeter on the detailed lower sides of the body.

Start to move more!

Physical activity is very important even with a caloric deficit.

Want to replace a meal?

If you checked menu and you don't like a meal we can replace it for a different one that is available in our menu. Just contact us :-)

Don’t like any of the ingredients?

No problem, we can change it for you and adapt your menu anytime!
*It may be charged extra. Contact us to find out more...

Do you need extra meal? 

If you don't want a full plans for you loved ones we can add to your plan any single meals from our menu 

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