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Weekly menu

Every day different meals

What you need to know

Menu changes weekly

New menu every week, because we
 want you to enjoy your food

New menu every Friday

We update next week menu
every Friday

Eliminate ingredients

you don't like 

Our menu is flexibly adaptable to
your preferences.

Always fresh & nutritious

"They have different menu for every single day."

Please tell us if you have any dietary requirements and we will make sure than we can meet your preferences


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Remember we are here to help 

Tell us if there is anything we can improve. Your opinion value!

Drop us a message on Messenger

It's a quickest way to get in touch with us. 

Vegetarian?  Halal? No problem!

We know many of you has different dietary habits or preferences. We want to make our service suitable as much as we can!   

Need individual plan?

Contact us and we can discus your preferences


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