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Lunch Pack from £15 a day

If you are looking for healthy and valuable lunches for every day,  Lunch  Box  is for you! This is a perfect balanced meals created under the eye of our dietitians, which allows you to eat healthy and helps to  build muscle or lose weight depends on selected portion size.

Choose your calorie portion  

Select number of deliveries  

Ready to eat hot or cold  

Control your weight  

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What is Lunch Box? 

Lunch Box is bundle of lunch type meals to build muscle or lose / maintain weight in a healthy way to improve wellbeing. You decide as many lunches you want to receive in one go.

  1. Select calories of your lunches

  2. Select number of lunches

  3. Choose number of deliveries

  4. We do the rest for you!

Lunch calories:
kcal, 600 kcal, 800 kcal

Quantity available:
Minimum selection is 3 lunches in one delivery

Add to your basket as many boxes as you want to receive it in same day or choose numbers of deliveries to receive bundle on selected days

The more days the cheaper it is...

400 kcal
from £13.50 

600 kcal
from £14.40

800 kcal  
from £15.30

The more days the cheaper it is...

Macros in each portion:

400 kcal - Protein: 30g    Carbs: 40g

600 kcal   - Protein: 40g    Carbs: 60g

800 kcal  - Protein: 50g     Carbs: 80g

Sample menu

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Nutritional facts


Grains, rice, potatoes, starch
vegetables, tubers, fruits


Meat, fish, seafood, dairy,
eggs, legumes, tofu


Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds,
butter, avocado

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