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We are Fit 'n' Tasty

Healthy meal prep & delivery

We offer healthy and fresh meals delivered directly to your home or office every day.

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Fit 'n' Tasty  

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You are what you eat  

Fit 'n' Tasty

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 Our example daily menu, 1500 kcal

Still not sure?

3 reasons why you should give it a go!

3-5 balanced meals a day

The right number of calories & the right proportions between proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Different menu every day

 So you just cannot get bored with the food.

Our food is always fresh

We cook every day and deliver the same day. Our competitors usually deliver only 1 or 2 a week!

What are your benefits?

There are so many of them! 

Eating at regular intervals.

If you eat at regular times, you may find it easier to sustain your energy levels and speed up metabolism.

Balanced and nutritious meals

With the right number of calories, the right proportions between proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Changing your eating habits.

Having your food planned and cooked for you every day, it’s easier to eliminate craving for unhealthy snacks.

We cook over 3,000 meals a week for our happy clients.

Try a new level of nutrition, for a better health and wellbeing.