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Turn Your Home Into a Restaurant!

When Dining Out Isn't an Option, Turn Your Home Into a Restaurant!

Fit’n'Tasty offer You the best opportunity to do that without spending any minute for cooking!

Break out the candles and your favourite wine glasses. Your kitchen table is perfect! It’s a memory just waiting to be mad

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Baked carrot and peppers paste with pulled pork sandwich

This Roasted Red Pepper Carrot with pork paste is creamy and rich tasting, and makes a nice spread for sandwiches.
I love variety and I know you do, too, so please give us a comment. It’s great to hearing from You!
Who knew carrots could be so tempting?!

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Homemade yogurt muesli with strawberry mouse and plum

This simple, healthy breakfast is full of energy to wake you up and keep you going till lunch. Using a homemade yoghurt rather than dairy reduces the saturated fat content for a healthier meal, while the almonds and plum bring lots of vitamins and minerals.


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Pork chop in horseradish sauce with white rice

Pork chops is one of the most searched for recipes on the whole of the internet this year, so we thought, with your help, we'd come up with a brilliant option and flavour combination. Superb flavours and combos.

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Thai soup

Thai soups feature incredible flavours and are ultra-comforting — guaranteed to lift your spirits and brighten your mood. These soups make a satisfying dinner, and they're the perfect remedy for chasing away a cold or flu bug.

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Turkey wrap with feta cheese, vegetables and garlic sauce

The way to get your fast food fix and not feel guilty about it is to make it at homemade with Fit’nTasty. Plus, you know every ingredient that goes into making it. This crispy salad chicken sandwich with a healthy feta is just the not-so-fast food fix you’re craving.