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Powerful Ways

You can prevent food waste

How was your earth day?

The food choices you make impact the planet.

Local produce lightens your carbon load and guarantees you’ll be eating fresh, produce.

We have high-quality meals just for You, rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Take care of yourself and we will take care of your immunity.

Here is an example Menu that can inspire you.

Odoo • Image and Text


Carrot Houmous with ray bread

I like houmous with all sort of different flavours.

Do you like houmous with different flavours? Which one is your favourite?

The recipe is vegan and very healthy. Using so many carrots for this dish means that it’s a fab way to hide a lot of goodness for fussy eaters or for those not very keen on carrots.

The taste of carrots is only noticeable, and I really enjoyed this dish.


Snack 1

Forest fruit salad

From staying cool on a hot summer day to squeezing in a fresh mid-day snack, fruit salad is an ideal choice for a sweet, satisfying refreshment.

Blueberries in the salad are Low in Calories, High in Nutrients and include vitamins K, C, Fiber, Manganese.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Grilled veggie skewers with feta cheese

These delicious grilled veggie skewers are such a fun way to get your eating perfect as a healthy habit!

Plus, colourful veggies are much more fun and appealing to eat. It’s like sprinkles in savoury food form.



Snack 2

Pumpkin creamy soup

It’s super creamy mostly to the pumpkin, plenty healthy, too.

It’s gently spiced, but I made sure that the pumpkin flavour shines above the rest.



Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


 Mozzarella, tomato topped chicken and baked potato

I take photos and write the healthy flavours down as I go along so I can blog about the recipes for you too. 

Today I’m sharing with you this amazing dinner taste. This meal is sure to impress!