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Meatless Friday: Your guide to healthy + easy vegetarian meals

You've thought of doing Meatless Friday. Who doesn't want to feel healthier and loose a bit of weight?  Getting your protein from plants and other vegetarian sources makes space on your plate for a whole bunch of great nutrients. This is because they are packed with essential vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, all while reducing saturated fats which will help you lose some weight.

One thing many people don’t often realize is that a lot of the time it’s the seasonings you add that creates most of the flavour for your favourite foods and this is true for meat-free meals too.

With the right recipes, you‘ll be feeling just as satisfied as with your favourite meat dishes and we’ve got you covered there for sure with the ones we’ll be sharing below.

And that's what Meatless Friday is all about. We want to introduce you to new meals so you can discover new tastes, which will end up giving you more options, not less.


Broccoli paste and veggie sandwich.

For many people broccoli, is one of the standard foods the rule-of-health phrase ''eat your greens'' brings to mind and taste wonderful any time of year!

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Snack 1

Power balls: great injection of carb and proteins

It's so delicious, healthy home-made snacks for You!

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Courgette cheesy roulade with pearl barley.

Pearl barley contains good amounts of B-group vitamins. It's a huge health benefits.

Do you know why courgette is good for you?

this food is low in saturated fat and sodium, and very low in cholesterol.

I like to have an affordable, quick and easy dish.

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Snack 2

Vegetable salad.

This meal prep lunches, snacks plan will give You a full week healthy meal to work for your lunch break. You can make smart choices, its not only tasty but healthy. I love it!

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Tropical tuna salad

A tuna salad can be part of a nutritious, high protein meal.